lovely blog!  is this your work?

no.  nothing i feature on this blog is my own work.  at the end of each post, you will find a link or some credit to the artist.  the title banner for this blog however, is my own.

you number your posts.  why?

my original idea months ago when i started this blog was to end at one hundred.  i'm now not sure if that will be the case.

why was my comment deleted?

any comment, including advertisements, unrelated to the post, will be deleted, as will comments in languages i cannot understand.

you posted my picture/art/music/etc. on your blog.  can you remove it?

absolutely.  please e-mail me and inform me if this is the case.

why hasn't my comment been answered?

i'm a student and pretty busy, so it's difficult for me to be posting and then answering comments all of the time.  i always try my best to get back with each and every one of you who comes here.  i am grateful for your input / feedback!

can we trade links?  can you feature my work / shop / website on your blog?

if i like something, i'll post it here.  otherwise, please do not contact me in regards to advertising.