twelve - elisabeth dunker interview

i am completely elated to share this interview with you! this comes from my very favourite swedish artist, elisabeth dunker:

*one note before beginning: the photos seen here throughout the interview are three i asked elisabeth to pick from her body of work.*

hunt / gather: you work with so many different forms of art, and yet seemlessly intertwine them in ways never seen before. how does this come to you?

elisabeth dunker: Thank you for saying so Jenna. For the moment it feel like I'm fed up with about everything I do. I wish that a big scholarship or something could fall down from the sky in my arms so I could focus a bit. I long for time to make animated, stop motion movies again. Time to draw, build little rooms, scenes and to make up stories . I feel shattered in what I'm doing, not saying that is a bad thing though but it's a fact. I don't know if I can answer how things come to me, I'm a pretty impulsive person I do what comes to my mind, and it's all based on lust and pleasure.

hg: there is a certain element of playfulness in your work. where does this come from?

ed: I like to play, that is what I'm doing really. I'm playing, and that is wonderful.

hg: what is inspiring you now when you go to work? are there any new artists and or blogs coming up you're enjoying?

ed: What I'm inspired of is constantly changing. Right now I like to look into magazines and crafting books from the 50's. I have been very drawn to old black and white photographs too for some reason. A couple of names that are relatively new for me and who's work I find very inspiring is: Rosemarie Auberson, Trui Chielens, Ana Mara┼ż, Renilde de Peuter, Claire Loder, and Jeanette Besmer. I'm also very impressed and inspired by such young talents like you Jenna. (hg note: i blushed here, a lot.) I mean 17 years old with that eye and feeling for art and photographing, wow. Other young great photographers I recently discovered: 17 year old nikolinelr, and 14 year old Anna Amphigorously.

hg: you've said always that a summer cottage and opening a vintage shop have been your dreams. is there anything else you dream about?

ed: I wish I will be able to continue being together with my family as much as I can, and that I can continue work with something creative. I believe I'm living my dream right now. The only thing missing is that summer house ;)

hg: there is surely a clean look to your design, but also many vintage and scandinavian elements. how does your swedish heritage influence you? how do thrifted and vintage items inspire you?

ed: I like a worn feeling on items and when it feels like an item has a story in it. I like to fantasize around them and to put them into "new" contexts. That is something I really enjoy - to mix stuff with different styles and from different eras. One of the most enjoyable things I know is to stroll around in second hand stores and at flea markets. How swedish heritage influences me is not easy to say, but I believe I'm pretty strongly influenced by swedish folk art. That is something I find inspiring and interesting anyway.

hg: a favourite question to ask, if you were a song, which song would you be? why?

ed: That is a fun queation. Maybe the a capella song by American folk singer Almeda Riddle "I love my little rooster" (appears in the cult film "Gummo"). I love the tone in that song. It's funny, weird and nice sounding. And I really like that sweet lady Almeda's amazing way to sing. Oh how I wish I could sing like that when I'm old (older)! Here's another nice clip with her.

thank you to the completely wonderful and talented elisabeth! be sure to visit fine little day, fine little shop, lula, and studio violet to see more of her inspiring world.


  1. great interview!
    I love elizabeth's work, yours too :)

  2. Ow how lovely! Elisabeth is so talented you just want to squeeze her! xxx

  3. this is so nice and I appreciate how honest she is in revealing her frustrations so openly, it's relatable and refreshing to know that even the most talented people struggle from time to time as most of us paint a very perfect world for them and imagine their life to be so much better than our own. One thing I've noticed as a constant theme in literature and art is that it is during a period of feeling "fed up" that many creative types do some of their best work. I'm certain Elisabeth has amazing things to show us in the years to come.

    I also much add that I'm so happy to have linked over from Elisabeth's blog to visit Hunt/Gather today. I really look forward to looking around here in your blog home to see what you've built because it looks very, very nice. :)


  4. marie + hello sandwich: i adore her completely and totally, nice to know you two enjoyed the interview. :)

    holly: i really agree with you! sometimes art and design isn't all roses and poppy fields, and it's refreshing to hear that from someone. and really glad to know you enjoy this place, i'm having fun here too. :)

  5. thanks for this interview, i loved to read it!
    how sweet to mention me, that feels so nice.
    love E's work!

  6. Thank you for your comments ladies, and thank you once more Jenna for wanting me here.

  7. nice interview, and like renilde, i'm very honoured too.
    its wonderfull how e. keeps inspiring every day, and again and again.
    that song is wonderfull! a great question and even more a great song to be.

  8. what a wonderfull interviuew! i love elisabeth's work, and i love the insights she gave us trough your wonderful questions! your work by the way is fantastic as well, i am so glad to have gotten to know it now..

  9. what a great interview! she's such a true inspiration.

  10. hallo! i just "came in" to your blog jenna - straight from the "fine little day" - to read this interview; thank you so much, it was fun to read it (of course)!
    elisabeth is absolutely one of the greatest personalities i've meat through this strange medium called blogging.....

    your blog looks fresh and inviting, i'll be back, jenna :)